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Cynthia Henderson/Accardi/Gold
Price:$ 16.97
Songs include:

1. Liposuction Time
2. A Casket, A Casket
3. My Proctologist
4. Will You Love Me When I'm Dead in the Ground?
5. 19 Years Old Again
6. My Sciatic Nerve
7. Social Dance
8. Back In Junior College Again...
9. The Teeth Are Fine, But the Gums Gotta Go!
10. I Forgot
11. Smoke That Cigarette
12. Kids Today
13. Send For the Kids & Grandkids

2001 Cloister Recordings. All rights reserved.
Produced by E.J. Gold
Engineered by Oz Fritz and Assisted by Marvette Kort
Music & lyrics 2000 Accardi / Gold (BMI)
Published by Union Label Music
Jimmi Accardi - guitar, keyboards, balalaika, vocals
Bob Bachtold - drums
E.J. Gold - bass, vibes, vocals
Cynthia Henderson - vocals
Front cover photo by Willem DeGroot

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