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Tribute to Accardi & Gold Featuring Low Stool Volume and What Does My Doggy Doo?
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Tribute to Accardi & Gold Featuring Low Stool Volume and What Does My Doggy Doo?
Recorded by Various Artists
Price:$ 16.95
Throughout the known and unknown Universe, discerning music connoisseurs have been singing along to the magic melodies put out by the prolific song-writing duo of Accardi/Gold for as long as Time was. Now some of their musical colleagues have banded together to pay tribute by recording their favorite Accardi/Gold songs. These new interpretations of old classics shine a bright new light upon them with such brilliant illumination that they serve as a beacon to guide us onward into new frontiers of musical exploration. Any resemblance to musicians living or dead is purely coincidental.

Song titles include:

1. My Baby Left Me in the Snow (4:04) Joe Mocker
2. Eastern Parkway (2:49) John Lemon
3. What Does My Doggie Doo? (3:10) The Four Treasons
4. The Hatchet Man (3:28) Billy Bob Dillon
5. The Spawldeen Song (3:00) Johnny Trash
6. Beauty's in the Eye of the Beholder (3:23) Frank Sumatra
7. Hittin' the Streets (3:45) Bruce Bedspring
8. The Clear Light (4:00) Thames Jailor
9. Low Stool Volume (3:18) David Buoy
10. Back in the Lava Again (3:24) Jimmi Bendix
11. Armadillo (2:17) Louie Armsong
12. Paul & Anna's Candy Store (3:16) Neil Yong
13. In the Morning I'll Be Gone (3:10) Willy Nilly
14. Lost Again (2:50) Elbow Parsley
15. My Quakin' Baby (4:37) Barry Light
16. We Will Frag You, Double Bag You (3:37) Bob Gnarly
17. Be Excellent to Each Other (3:42) The Bitch Boys

1998 Cloister Recordings
All songs 1995 - '97 Accardi / Gold(BMI)
All songs published by Union Label Music
Produced by Accardi / Gold
Engineered by Oz Fritz
Recording Artists in order of appearance
Joe Mocker, John Lemon, The Four Treasons, Billy Bob Dillon, Johnny Trash, Frank Sumatra, Bruce Bedspring, Thames Jailor, David Buoy, Jimmi Bendix, Louie Armsong, Neil Yong, Willy Nilly, Elbow Parsley, Barry Light, Bob Gnarly, The Bitch Boys
Cover photo by: Oz Fritz, 1998 Oz Fritz

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