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Publish up to 5000 Copies Royalty-Free!
Find out how you can publish your very own version of FART 3D -- fill it with MONSTERS, WEAPONS, RUNES, AMMO, FOOD, ARMOR, MAP and much, much more, then RELEASE IT with YOUR OWN NAME and BRAND cobranded with the FART 3D game! Up to 5,000 copies can be released on CDR without a single penny of royalties!

Imagine a full 32-bit *FOGGER* 3D game that gives you the same relentless blood and guts ACTION, yet is totally nonviolent???
That's right -- your only weapon, and the only weapons you'll find in the PC Action Game FART 3D will be the Fart...and an occasional Deadly Burp.
You and your friends will Burp and Fart your way through level after level of non-stop action. You'll rock with laughter as you and your friends go online as FARTBLOBS and out-fart each other with dozens of great fart soundbytes by XXaXX, in 18 HOT SHARED-ACTION ADVENTURES, and DEATHMATCH!

You'll get CAPTURE THE FLAG and LAST MAN STANDING and much, much more online as CLAN LoL releases additional mods, levels and MISSIONS...BUT HERE'S THE BEST PART:
You'll be able to place monsters anywhere you want; you can put ammo, armor, life, magic, SPECIAL WEAPONS and MAGIC RUNES around any FART 3D GAME LEVEL and set it up for guests or play it yourself.
Yes, you can design YOUR OWN FART 3D GAMES by loading up levels with MONSTERS, RUNES, WEAPONS, FOOD and MORE and strapping them together as YOU CHOOSE, in YOUR OWN GAME with NO MAP-MAKING SKILLS! You simply walk around in the game and TELL the DUNGEONMASTER where YOU want YOUR MONSTERS and other stuff, launch your FREE GAME SERVER on the internet, invite some friends in, up to 16 players in all; tell them your changeable PASSWORD, or list it on the PUBLIC GAMEFINDER which can be seen by anyone with a G.O.D.D.(tm) game online anywhere in the world -- and let 'er rip!!!
With over 2,000 SFX, the G.O.D.D.(tm) FOGGER ENGINE is superior to any other engine on the market for sheer beauty and speed. You will not find any better engine at any price. Email for details on how YOU can design on the G.O.D.D.(tm) engine!
You get PERMISSION* to RELEASE YOUR OWN BRANDED VERSION OF FART 3D up to 5,000 copies ROYALTY-FREE, when you purchase your REGISTERED VERSION for only $24.99!!! That's a $3,000,000 VALUE, which you already know if you've priced 3D engine leases lately!

* Limited Permissions Release License included in sale of Registered Version CD.

RELEASE DUE DATE IS JUNE 15TH, 2001 -- You can pre-order to insure your copy gets there quickest! First come, first served.
Price:$ 24.99

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